My Costa Rican Home

So here we are. I have been in Costa Rica’s Provincia de Guanacaste for 5 days now. We have been continually ambushed by sudden spats of beautiful llluvia y tormentas eléctricas (rain and thunderstorms). Regional flash flooding has occurred at times—luckily with no clear destruction. Mosquitos, unfortunately, have also multiplied into very impressive numbers. Yay me.

Nonetheless, It has been a warm and welcoming experience thus far at my Costa Rican home.

Sitting here, I cannot help but be reminded of my time as a young whippersnapper in Cave-In-Rock, Illinois—once home to the great Davy Crockett, Mike Fink (a blowhard keel boat captain) and the River Pirates. There my family experienced similar natural phenomenons. Some of the best summer thunderstorms around. We enjoyed heavy rainfall (to the point you must pull over at times), house shaking thunder, and an occasional quick retreat to the basement (as needed). Afterwards, we were always rewarded with lightning bugs illuminating an otherwise blackened night and serenading cricket stridulation (chirping). Good times.

The unfortunate addition of chiggers (it’s a bug) deserve a mention…they just drove my grandfather nuts. Little bastards.

San José, here I come
After some much-needed downtime at ‘The Compound’, I have now made arrangements to spend time in San José, Costa Rica. By arrangements, of course, meaning I will drive a car there. Fin. Accommodations and activities are not finalized. I prefer to just arrive and figure it out on the go. Not sure what to expect. All I do know is that I will have time to hang out with one of my new Costa Rican brothers, Gerald, and get a true taste of the Costa Rican nightlife. Should be interesting.

More soon.

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