A Salute to My Father

It is a significant challenge to impart the intrinsic relationship shared by my father and I. To aptly describe his tremendous level of impact and fully express my level of gratitude for being blessed with such a wonderful father. Words are, at times, simply insufficient. This is one of those moments.

I was born on December 29 to Robert and Carolee DeWitt. Now, my father will often joke that he bounced ferociously on my mother’s womb to make sure that my birth occurred before the new year. Not necessarily because he wanted to meet his first and only son, but because he would then be able to write me off as a dependent on his taxes for the entire year (always a good laugh). Much to his surprise, the cost of raising and supporting a child well exceeds any amount of money he saved that year. Sorry dad, maybe next time.

Our family and friends have many fond memories, thus far, of my father. There are the vast abundance of corny jokes handed down by past-generations. Some dirty. Some not. Most head-smacking puns. A few that you will never see coming. There are also the plastic “candies”—in quotes because they are awful—known as Jujubes consumed by the handful. And, of course, the rocking chairs (sigh). He is consistently teased for being obsessed with rocking. Including, but not limited to, dragging Lazy-Boy (ish) recliners inappropriately around the house and outdoors. A bit odd but we all love him for it. Usually you will also find him attempting to create bursts of laughter everywhere around him, often for complete strangers. All simply intended to make the world a bit brighter, even if for a fleeting moment. He is a kind-hearted and genuine man.

Throughout my young life, my father has been a guiding beacon. We may have had our differences of opinion from time to time. Who has not? Where we stay consistent is our unwavering commitment to each other, our family, and friends. A torch passed to us by my grandfather, his father, with which we continually pass forward. Through good times and bad. Maintaining gracious hearts, strong personal relationships, and a willingness to go above and beyond to aid those less fortunate than us.

I believe life is best in simplicity. Free of unnecessary distractions and “red herring” styled drama. So I will simple say, I love you dad. You are my rock. You are my beacon. You are my father. Greatest in the world. Until the end of time.

Happy Father’s Day.

Now pass the damn scotch.

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